methacton community theater presents

A Snack and 2 ACTS Event


Written By Michael Hollinger

Directed by Kate McShane

Asst. directed by Jaedto Smith-Lawson

Produced by Donna Andom and Loretta Rurode

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Michael Hollinger's Incorruptible is a sly, sharp-tongued tale that skewers religious hierarchy and material worship in a French monastery, 1250 AD.

The monks are in a funk. The bones of their patron, St Foy haven't produced a miracle in thirteen years. As a result, the pilgrims have stopped visiting and the money has stopped flowing. They can hardly feed and clothe themselves, let alone help the villagers in need.

All eyes turn to the Pope, whose promised visit will surely encourage other pilgrims to make the trek and restore the monastary to its former glory. That is, until a rival abbey claims that they possess the relics of St. Foy and the faithful rush to witness a slew of well publicized miracles. The enraged monks become desperate and are easy prey for a scheming one-eyed, wandering minstrel and his lusty mistress. Throwing caution to the wind, the monks launch a mail order bones business, selling false relics to religious orders throughout Europe. The going gets tough when the monks must produce an "incorruptible," a body of an expired saint that resists decay.

Throughout this farce, Hollinger sprinkles memorable one-liners and plenty of rollicking action as he explores the age-old question, "Do the ends justify the means?"


March 10, 11, 17, 18, 2017  8:00 PM    Doors open at 7:15 PM

Matinee: March 12, 2017 2:00 PM        Doors open at 1:15 PM

Tickets:  $25  Click Here to Get Tickets

 Light refreshments and soft drinks will be served.

   Variety Club  Recreation Hall
   2950 Potshop Road
   Worcester, PA

Matt Lake
Jim Ludovici
Brother Martin
Loren Bittner
Brother Olf
Michael Rizzo
Brother Felix
Norma Kider
Peasant Woman
Ben Atler-Hallman
Alexis Ross
Carlene Lawson



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